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The “Why” behind what you do is the most important driving factor for success. When pursuing your dreams, your "Why" will fuel your passion and propel your purpose.


We know this within Why Grind Inc. and with the nonstop negativity we can consume in the digital world… it’s time we take a stand. It’s time we pour more passion into the cup of your why so you can grind the day away!


Our “WHY” is to INSPIRE YOU and to make an IMPACT together in our community and the world around us. We wake up every day drinking a cup of our passion in a Steel Yeti Rambler because our Grind needs to stay hot 48 hours in a 24 hour day. With each cup of our high-quality specialty coffee, we get to give back in order to make IMPACT in the world.


So, throw that sissy latte out the window, and “Grind” with us where passion, coffee, and hard work intersect with IMPACT for your “WHY” and our world.

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